Friday, October 7, 2011

Monipla & Orbis

I found Monipla on Facebook ad couple months ago. I don't know why i followed their page and rarely check their contents. Until one day they write something about Orbis which is one of my favorite skin care brand though i only use their 1 product now... But it just more than enough because Oil Cut Facial Foam is the best for me. Even K and his sister(she tried it once when we came to visit) love this product, so i also buy it for them too

Long short story, Monipla is one kind new site which is totally different from any coupon sites... i think it gonna be a new trend soon after discount coupon era. This site has a lots of giveaway!!!! BUT...every client have their own criteria to win the giveaway. Some of them just free and no hard efforts need to be done, really! because all you need is giving a thumbs up on Facebook("like" this event's page) and click joining event. Only that.. and if you win, they will send the gift 1X24h after they announce it. Moreover there are some giveaway with different rule such as you need to post something related on your blog, post pictures and ask your friend to vote, etc.

Last month, i joined this Orbis giveaway by Monipla and i forgot about this giveaway until i checked my email... almost mark their email as junk mail before i realize that i won this giveaway :D And this week i received my gift PLUS i won another 5000JPY soukai shopping voucher from Monipla Yeiyyy~

I'm thinking so hard now.... How should i spend this voucher since greedy me want to buy shampoo, mineral water and detergent but ended with cosmetics/skincare corner and also electronics. Should i buy bread maker? or mineral water? or just shampoo?

Thank you Monipla &Orbis!!

PS : maafkan tulisan yg berantakan ini, soalnya lagi belajar.. jgn protes loh ya :P tapi tolong dibenerin kalo ada salah2 kata (beneran malu bngt sebenernya mau ngaku klo aku IQ jongkok dlm bahasa asing).


  1. waaa senangnya dapet hadiah.. di review2 ya nge! ^___^ btw bahasa inggris lo bagus kok..

  2. apa jadinya klo pitshu nulis blog dalam bahasa linggis yah ?! g rasa yang singlish bakalan jauh lebih bagus dari bahasa linggis g ^^ hahaha
    yg namanya dapet hadiah dimana2 pasti menyenangkan yah :)

  3. wuah nge..seneng yooo menang! kau review dong produknya ^^

  4. @stephanie : disana ada jg ga fan? Ini jpn mulai booming Facebook jadi banyak iklannya yg bagi2 gratisan...
    aduh aku jd malu nih hahaha

    @pitshu : sama pit... coba ada translator yg canggih :P Iya nih lg banyak dapet tp trus bingung mau makenya..

    @pinkbuble : kayanya bakal lama nih baru di review... aku nunggu lotion hadalabo abis baru mau nyobain aquaforce ini.....


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