Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Color of Autumn

It's my 4th year to be here. And i can tell you that i really love 4 seasons country, even snow rarely fall here in Tokyo. But at least i can have 4 different kind of scenery & fashion season :P Anyway Summer is my number one, because somehow sunshine makes me feel more genki [元気]~ and spring, fall & winter will be the next [i put it equal coz i can choose which one is the best], because they have their own uniqueness & beauty.

If you plan to come to Japan, i will suggest you to come except in summer time :P Why? Because it is humid, extremely hot and not too colorful as the other season :P But i still love summer... If you need "summer", it is better to go to Bali, Hawaii, Thai or another South East Asia Country~

Finally my winter holiday is here........♪


  1. bagusnya... happy winter holiday, ditunggu poto2 na yah ^^

  2. Baguuuussss.... Genki apaan sih??

  3. Sama Inge..
    Aku juga lebih suka summer.. :)

  4. Aku suka winter Nge..karena dari kapan samape di tropical city mulu nih!

  5. Gua sukanya autumn, pas warna daun gradasi merah sampai gold (bener kan ya autmn?) terus kpn sih sakura blooming? Mudah2an suatu saat ada seminar ke Jepang. Yang sering dan tiap tahun ada tuh Korsel.

  6. @Pitshu : thank you....

    @Candela : genki = sehat :D

    @Ellice : maklum anak pantai jadi sukanya yg panas2 hehehe...

    @Elrica : winter bikin kulit muka kering el hehehe tp gw doain lu bisa ke negara 4musim & tinggal terus disana deh :D

    @Once in a Lifetime : Bener2 hohoho... sakura pas spring sekitar bulan 3 Akhir, tapi ga cuma di JPN, di China atau Korea juga bisa liat :) Iya mudah2an ya timingnya pas tepat...

  7. i love summer too! :) i guess we're meant to be tropical kids! :)


  8. Yes that's right, maybe it because they always told me that sunshine is a vitamin source LOL


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