Friday, September 3, 2010

Yukata - Part 2

Where to buy (cheap) Yukata in Tokyo?

1. Asakusa, Harajuku and another place, where there are a lots of souvenir shops.
BUT, if you choose to buy it in these kind of shops, please ask the price precisely. Because they usually sell the Yukata, Obi and Geta separately. My friend told me that, some stores put low price for the Yukata, but when you want to buy the Obi at the same store, they will give you expensive price(almost 3X from the Yukata price). So you need to check it :)

2. Uniqlo or maybe Department Store around Tokyo.
They usually sell one set of Yukata(sometimes incl. Obi, Kinchaku and Geta). I'll prefer to buy it in Uniqlo, because it's cheaper than another dept store especially in Sale season. For this year they sell 1set of Yukata(only with Obi) for 2,990Yen the you can add 1,050Yen for Geta. Normal price was 3,99o Yen. Please remember that they usually sell Yukata only in Summer Season. Another department stores are 0101, Lumine, 109, etc.

3. Oriental Bazaar
I bought my first yukata in this shop. They sold 1set of Yukata with Tsuke Obi(ready tied Obi) and Geta for 4,000Yen. But if you want to choose your own combinations of Yukata, Obi, or Geta, the price will be different. The staff very helpful, you can ask what color you like and how to use it.

4. You can buy it Online.
You can choose it from Rakuten, Nissen, Yahoo, Amazon or maybe another online shop. The price is so affordable and sometimes very cheap(during sale season). My friend bought yukata + obi only for 2,000yen. But too bad, these kind of shops sometimes only provide Local shipping and sites languanges is in Japanese(please use google's website translator). But i think you can check Rakuten, because they provide english version's website + international shipping. If you plan to come to Japan, you can use your hotel's address and contact them to keep your package until you come or you can set the delivery date.

OK, that's all for "cheap Yukata", hope this posts could help you...

I know summer is almost over but Tokyo is still hot and humid Y__________Y
But i love summer.....feel sad when it's over~


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