Friday, March 9, 2012

And my Wallet

Today, I got another call from a Policeman. Not from Itabashi-san again but from another person *i forgot his name - my bad*. He talk straight forward about my Wallet and asked me bout couple questions. So i told him that i already made a report about it and refer him to the police station in my area.

Then he told me that my wallet is founded. Wow~ i don't even think that i can get it back, but i remember that Itabashi-san told me once that "you possibly get it back". 

He asked me when i lost it, and where, because he didn't track my lost information yet. And because it will be used for evidence, i have to wait to get it back. He also told me that they found it in the thief's house. And the funny part is when he ask me : Is that true that your french bread got snatched too? :P He said like that because the thief tell him so [actually the thief is kinda surprised when he got the bread with him]. 

This man must be had a bad luck, maybe he was caught during another action. The police rummaged through his house/flat to find more evidence that maybe linking him to another crime when found my wallet. I hope he back to repent after what happen.

Anyway good job Sir. *i give my 4 thumbs & salute*.

PS : i still wondering where did my pempek gone, because no one explain me about it :D

1 comment:

  1. wahahhaha.. beneran masih penasaran sama pempeknya.


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