Saturday, March 17, 2012

Freddy Krueger Cardigan

Is there anyone of you know about Freddy Krueger? I watched him every Thursday night 17 years ago if i am not wrong :P And when i pick this cardigan, i call it as my Freddy K's Cardigan. I bought it 3 years ago and get bored, so i just put it away for the years after. Then i saw it today, decided to wear it.... and always remind me about Mr. Krueger :P i think i won't wear it anymore for this season, to prevent me from nightmare....

Anyway, this is what happen with my crochet flower. Change my plan from make it as an hair accessorize to decorate my camera case :) Love it~


  1. Gyaaa imut naa... doh ngeliatnya jd pengen belajar knitting

    1. ntar tak suruh temenku scan deh ya polanya... ini belajar pake yg bahasa jpn va gw baru bisa bacanya. klo yg ala bule itu mereka pake abbreviation ama istilah yang gw ga ngerti :( ga pake gambar. jadi mgkn belajarnya syusah.... tapi klo ga coba deh cari toko hobby harusnya mereka ada buka course deh.


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