Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Legato Shibuya

So it was on K's birthday when i decided to reserve place for his birthday dinner. At first we didn't plan it because our schedule was so full on Golden week for accompanied his sister. But at last moment we decided to cancel our plan to go to Kawaguchiko and Fuji san :( because of rain.

Well, since we didn't have much plan on that day, i made a reservation at Legato for us. Never been there before but don't have much choice since this is the only place that around our schedule and also available to be reserved.

And it turn out great... I love the food and so with them. These is what we have that night :
Marbled Sole Carpaccio with Japanese Ginger Salad
Pickled Plum & Green Perilla Sauce,
Japanese Pepper Flavor

3 kinds of Early Summer Shellfish Tagliolini
Vermouth Flavor

Fresh Bonito Rare Steak
Oriental Ravigote Sauce

55 Day's Dry Aged Japanese Beef Sirloin Steak

Legato's Dessert Plate
Coffee or Tea


Their Fresh Bonito Rare Steak was so perfect, crispy outside and also so juicy. It already delicious even without the sauce, but the sauce made it more yummmeeh. I am not a big fan of Fish, but i won't regret to have this more next time :D

I also not a fan of Shellfish or any kind of seafood anyway, but their pasta was also ....great!!! I really can not describe it, but it was cooked al dente mix it with the greens and shellfish and turn out really good.

Have you ever eat Japanese Beef that melting in your mouth? This one isn't Kobe Beef but Hokaido Beef and it's melting in your mouth. So tender and heavenly good.. i recommended this one, really!

Since we bring the birthday boy, we got birthday plate with Ice cream and Mouse :) + singer with accordion too. They also took our picture and print it out for us with birthday message. I glad to see him so happy that night.

I think i wouldn't mind going back again next time :)

PS : If you make reservation, you can choose table with night view near window because the view is breathtaking. Too bad I forgot to mention it on my reservation.

15F., E Space Tower,
3-6 Maruyama-Cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044
Phone : 03-5784-2121


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