Friday, December 4, 2009


Tagged by Stephanie.

Three names I go by
Ummm... Since my name is too simple, they usually called me Ing, Nge, and Inge *Oh No.. i wrote my real name here and i hope my boss wouldn't find me here :P*

Three jobs I have had in my life
my first job was being an instructor for 2 years, and then programmer for 5months. The last, here i am now with my current job as "pekerja serabutan"(since May 2006-present).

Three places I have lived
have been living in 4 different city but i'll choose : Lombok, Java, and Japan.

Three favorite drinks
Orange Juice, Chocolate/truffle with Cocoa and Cola.

Three TV shows that I watch
err.r...r can't remember The Shows Name *googling....loading* here we go : Sekai No Hate Made Itte Q!, Best House, and Arashi Show -_-'

Three places I have been
What kind of place? Is it like office, home and train station?^^ umm... the best place ever: Mt. fuji or another mountain( in Indonesia) where you can see so many stars, Gili Terawangan(i Love Beach), and Macau^^(esp. Ancient Building)

Three people who e-mail me regularly
K(e-mail me by mobile phone :D), facebook(people?) and my ex-colleagues. Maybe i should replace facebook with "my boss" :P

Three of my favorite foods
It should be Tempe, Potato and Chicken so simple isn't it? :D

Three friends I think will respond
i don't know.... but why don't you try it too...(Vini, Fellys, Sherine, Pitshu, Willy)

Three things I am looking forward to
Going Home, Snowboarding and Beach^^(SunBathing...)


  1. huahahaha.. tempe nge?
    disana ada yang jual ga? :P

  2. ada.. tp mgkn klo ditimbang tu 50gr itungannya sepuluh ribu kli ya~

  3. huaaa inge, makasih ya udah di tag. udah kukerjain yang kayak begini, tapi di facebook, nge.. gapapa yaa.. hehehehe...


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