Friday, August 5, 2011

Read Full Story in Google Reader

I'm using Google Reader a lot these days, to manage which blog that i'm following. And one day i checked my own blog from it and found out that my post didn't show in Full story. Actually i'll skip every blog with short content because it' wasting my time to open it in new tab. Anyway i searched about this setting and this is what i got :

Taken from here.
What you need is set your Blog Post Feed with Full option. So easy isn't it?

This Full post will help your reader to see your post in full version on your Google Reader. So, please check your own site feed :)

Hope this help^^


  1. I dislike Full Story option coz it makes my readers just read the full post inside the Reader, instead reading directly in the blog.
    When the readers read the post directly in the blog, we can guide the readers to read previous comments, and those comments can stimulate the reader to comment in the post, too.

  2. wah makasih, baru tau cara ini XDD
    eh emang kamu tinggal dimana? :)

  3. I just added your website on my blogroll. I may come back later on to check out updates. Excellent information!

  4. I just added your website on my blogroll. Really enjoyed reading through. Excellent information!

  5. great post in a great blog :)
    this is the different between people in Indonesia and other blogger's country.. full post version ain't got attention as a primadona or something :(

  6. @Vicky : i see and I'm also agree with you... imo This tool just makes your browser simple, one scroll for all unread blog and also cheaper for limited bandwidth user :) I think it same with blog without "read more tag", but if you prefer to made it short i think it's okay because more click will help to increase your page rank too :D But anyway though i skip your blog when i used GR, i still went to your blog directly for reading your post ^^

    @cominica : ;) aku di jpn say~

    @Belajar Photoshop : Thanks... i think everyone has their own reason to make it long or short, so it doesn't matter because you can still go directly to their page to see the whole post.


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