Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Holiday 09 - Start From "Tonight" yeah!

Updating my Schedule :

1. Leave to Kyoto tonight.
2. Want to watch G.I Joe this weekend.
3. Shopping...humm maybe if i'm not too "bokek"~
4. Going to Nagoya
5. Parfait *maybe*
6. Back to Tokyo
7. next plan...

But the most important thing is "I have to finish all my job today!".
Chaos is everywhere :
"why should new version of this application come today?",
"why does that application become slower?",
"need more computers, so i can do multitasking",
"da** compression tools, makes my jobs slower [really hate to zip and then unzip all this folder]~",
"Password.. i need password~"
"Today??........everything should be done by today?"

I hate u sir.... more than i like u~ [only for today]

OK, compression done...back to work~



  1. wah senangnya liburan
    met liburan nge.. have fun!

  2. kyaa... kok pada liburan yah ?! emang na sekarang masih musim liburan yah ?! ihiks hahaha :D
    di tunggu postingan cerita2 dan photo2 na yah ?


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