Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Pictures

Some photos that me & K took after 9.0M on 11 March 2011.

Thanks God no one hurt because of this.

They need to put police line because the cross seems to fall.

Somewhere in Urayasu City which was built on reclaimed land.

This land is loosened by a strong earthquake maybe because the soil didn't mix with cement or drained well.


Reminds me of (Luke 6:47-49)


  1. waduh.. udah kek di pelem - pelem yah :(( liat di pelem aja udah ngeri, ini beneran, g klo disana shock kali yah~

  2. Inge, I'm so glad that you're still alive though you live in Japan.

  3. @Pitshu : ngeliat video di youtube lebih ngeri lagi pit, terutama pas gempa & airnya dateng itu >_<
    itu tanah disitu tu aslinya pasir dikonblok jadinya bergeser semua sampe banyak gedung yg jd ada bolongan dipinggir2 tembok/tangga masuk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy-MOZwr5G0 -kek karpet goyangan tanahnya.

    @Vicky : Thanks Vic, though i can't forget this experience for the rest of mylife & sometimes i still can't hold my tears when i watched videos about the area which is hit by tsunami. It was supposed to be a beautiful place......

  4. nge...tapi japan bangkit nya cepet tuh....pemerintahan nya bener2 top deh...gila yaaaa liat foto loe ud kaya film "2012" aja tuh jalanan nya retak2 begitu :'(

  5. kalo uda kayak gini cuma bisa bergantung sama Tuhan ya ci.. serem deh suer

  6. Serem nge 

    Gw denger maren gempa lagi yah..are u ok?


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