Friday, April 8, 2011

Wish List - Pretty G

I think i made a mistake in my last post.. So i need to become a ninja blogger and write something different to camouflage it.

Start with this pretty Gladiator Sandals.... *drooling*

by Candish, Uniqlo

I'm thinking to buy it, but if i buy it.... I only can wear it for 2-3weeks from now. I don't think i can wear it anymore after "they repair my leg", at least for 2months. But maybe i can keep it for summer.

Now, i'm making a contradiction from my last post by writing this wish list. Should i not supposed to have wish list for upcoming birthday? Because i feel bad if i spend my money for this... I know it's weird but it's true that they keep arguing inside my head.... Should i??

Psst.... I'm planning to hold giveaway event to celebrate it. But i won't give this sandal, because this is mine ha ha ha *evilgrin* :P

let me think about it...♪

Any idea for giveaway???


  1. ih.. sepatu kek begini g banget dah! ada yang item na enggak yah ?! awkakaka...

  2. kapan uniqlo shoes ke spore ya....??? *_*

  3. wah bentar lagi ultah ya... ;)
    Gua dulu pernah beli model ginian 2 tahun lalu pas di Odaiba, tau ga Nge gua beli harganya brp? 300 yen, wakaka, sale nya gila2an di island mall odaiba.

  4. mau donk kado ultah buat gw ini :D loe tau kan gw ultah nya kapan, kembaran ku! haha

  5. ^zai^ : disana lum ada yg shoes ya? ada yg murah2 loh klo uniqlo, cuma emang ga semuanya murah si. Tapi mayan lah :D

    @sakuralady :dimana itu willllllllll!!! langsung histeris kalo denger harga murah hahahaha...

    @urukyuu : huahuahua trus lu kasih gw juga kado yang sama cin?? hauhauhaua... tukeran dunk kita^^


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