Friday, June 27, 2008

How To Show Missing 'Desktop icon' in XP

Few days ago, i lost my 'Desktop' icon from Quick Launch. Maybe it's not a big problem, but when i opened so many applications and then need to access some files on my Desktop, it's become to be so unconvenient. I have to minimized all the window one by one. tensionActually you can use windows key with 'M', but for some types of keyboard seems don't have this Windows Key. But after googling, i find an article which explained How To Recreate this Extraordinary Shortcut.peace

To recreate it :

* Click Start->Run
* In the "open" box, type "notepad" (without the quotes)
* Click ok
* Copy the following lines in your new notepad window :


* Click "File" in the notepad menu and select "Save As"
* Save the file to your desktop as Show Desktop.scf
* Drag the new icon from your desktop to your Quick Launch toobar and select "Move here"

If you can't move the new Desktop icon to your Quick Launch toolbar for whatever reason, you can also try the following technique :

* Right-click the new show desktop icon on your desktop and select copy
* Open Windows Explorer and navigate to
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch (replacing with the username for which you want to restore the show desktop icon)
* In the right pane of the explorer window, right-click an empty spot and select "paste"

Maybe you don't see the Application Data folder in your Explorer. To see it, you must enable visibility for hidden folders :

* In Windows Explorer, click the menu "Tools" and select "Folder Options..."
* Click the "View" tab
* Under "Advanced Settings", select "Show hidden files and folders"
* Click ok

Reference : This site.


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