Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yes I'm Fallin

1) What's his/her full name?
♥ K
2) Does he or she have a bf/gf?
♥ yes
3) Do you know secrets about him/her?
♥ at least i know something that not all my/his friend know
4) How old is the person?
♥ 26
5) Has he/she ever cooked for you?
♥ Yup, and i really like it
6) Is this person older than you?
♥ Yes
7) When was the last time you thought bout him/ her?
♥ Just a moment ago
8) Are you related to this person?
♥ Yes
9) Are you really close to him/her?
♥ Not in physically but we are close in this heart
10) Do you have a nickname for each other?
♥ K(Kei) and I(ai)
11) How many times do you talk to this person in a week?
♥ everydays
12) Do you think she/he will repost this?
♥ nope
13) Could you live with this person?
♥ I think...hmm let see^^
14) is this person your number one? Why?
♥ Still don't know but i wish
15) Have you seen this person cry?
♥ he always pretend like he is the strongest one, but i know that he was crying that time
16) How long have you known this person?
♥ 2 years
17) Have you ever been to the mall with this person?
♥ Yes
18) Have you ever had a sleepover with them?
♥ Wogh
19) If you ever moved away would you miss this person?
♥ I am missing him everytime
20) Have you ever given this person something?
♥ Yup
21) Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?
♥ Yup
22) Do you know everything about this person?
♥ No
23) Would you date this person's siblings?
♥ hahaha...then somebody will kill me
24) Have you ever made something with this person?
♥ Yup
25) Does this person have a fetish?
♥ fetish??..Yes = ACM
26) Is she/he on drugs?
♥ nope
27) Do you know this person's shoe size?
♥ 28
28) Have you ever worn this person's clothes?
♥ Yes
29) Have you and this person made up a hand shake?
♥ Yup
30) Has this person ever seen you dance?
♥ hahaha...i think so
31) Have you ever heard this person sing?
♥ Yes, & really like it.
32) Do you know this persons friendster password?
♥ dunno
33) Do you know this persons best friend?
♥ still dunno
34) Have you met any of this person's ex's?
♥ no ex
35) Have you and this person went clubbing?
♥ nope but maybe someday
36) Do you know how to make this person feel happy?
♥ I think so
37) Do you and this person talk a lot?
♥ Yupe
38) Do you love this person?
♥ Yes I do.


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