Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tokyo Handy Guide Book

I got this book from Tourist Information Office in Roppongi Hills, last weekend. It comes in two types, booklet and map. I've used this kind handy guide book long time ago, but that time i got it from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. So i think you can get it from any tourist information center around Tokyo including Airport. If you plan to traveling around Tokyo, i'll recommend this book because it is free, easy to read and very informative.

Tokyo Handy Guide Book
Sorry it's bit crumpled up :P
It doesn't matter you can't read Japanese, because if i'm not wrong, they have at least 9 different languages version. Subway and Water Buses Maps are included. There are explanation about sightseeing spot in 19 Areas with such information as : what to see, access, open hours, admission, address, phone number, website. Moreover, it lists up about Gardens, Zoos, Museums and Art Galleries, & Amusement Parks too. The interesting part is explanation about "how to use Japanese Style Facilities", because if you ever come to Japan... you will understand how difficult to use women toilet with complicated flush button in Japanese Character especially if you cannot read kanji/hiragana/katakana.

Anyway, discount coupons for Gardens, Zoos and Museums are available inside the book. But No discount Coupons for Amusement Park :)

PS : Need to plan your trip in TOKYO? Maybe you can check their website here.


  1. sis, dikau di jepang ya?
    paling menyiksa buku2 jepang yang cuma ada kanjinya doang tanpa ada bahasa lain. :|
    makasih udah berkunjung ya sis

    1. Iya hehehe...
      Bukunya cukup liat gambar ya lumayan menghibur kog :D


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