Thursday, February 3, 2011

I ♥ Chocolates - Tirol, Japan

Tirol or Chi-ro-ru is one of my favorite chocolate brand that i found in Japan. Not only because it have a good taste, but i love the wrap too. Every flavor have their own printout with 一口(1 bite size) square shape. And the most important thing, it's cheap(around 300-400Yen for big a package).

Can you guess how many flavor they have?..... Check it Here!!! They have soooo many flavor with different image, isn't that cute?? :)

They usually put some flavor in one big Package. And today i bought strawberry package which is consist of 3flavor : Strawberry Choco Tart, Strawberry Jelly, Strawberry Milk :D Love it!!! i can't stop to eat them...

I also love White Choco Cookies flavor, gonna buy it again sometimes. Or maybe i should try my luck to get some Prize from Tirol..

If you come to Japan, don't forget to try it(can be founded in the nearest combini).


  1. lucu bgt packaging-nya! aku dah liat link nya juga...

  2. Iya kan??? Itu semuanya beda loh rasanya hohoho... Jadi pengen koleksi =D

  3. Orang Jepang kreatif ya soal coklat, gua pernah dikasih teman pulang dari sana mochi isi coklat.

  4. Coklat jpn tiada duanya kalau soal macem2 rasa :D Mana enak semua pula^^ G*diva aja kalah kadang ama yg murah...
    Mochi jg enak, cuma sayangnya sampe indo kadang suka lumer.

  5. mau donk nge..kalo kirim paket ke indo info2 gw yaaa


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