Monday, February 28, 2011

Wish List - Boyfriend Boots

When i'm writing this post i realize that BF don't have boots :p So i think this post is not inspired by his boots, but because i saw so many booties in Winter & i just want these cute boots for my collections.

There is so many model for Bf Booties but the newest model for this season(almost end) is Oxford booties with heels(i'm sorry because i'm bad in describing something). But you can see these pictures instead of reading my post :p

Oxford Boot by Nuovo(brown is better but can't get the picture)

Love this one(Purple one is so lovely but maybe black or beige is better)

Since i can't stand the pain when using high heels for long hours, i only keep these booties as my wish list. Maybe next year i'll buy one after my ankle got better *cross my finger*.

Another link :


  1. pitshu ada naksir boots kek begini juga yang mark&spencer, pas sale 500rb-an begitu ga sale 700rb hiks...

  2. gue suka yang pertama nge.. kalo lo pake itu kayanya cocok deh (langsung ngebayangin poto2 fc lo..)

  3. @Pitshu : klo diliat2 skrg merk2 jpn dah mulai pada murah.. tp yg mahal tetep ada sih. Yg ini bisa dipake di Indo yg pasti^^

    @Stephanie : tadinya kemaren2 emang pengen yg atas fan, yg warna coklat2 tua gt lagi booming banget. Tp mgkn modelnya ga tau bakal sampe kapan, jd mgkn lebih safe yg ke-2 kali ya hehehehe^^
    Tunggu kaki gw sembuh dulu deh wakakaka~


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