Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Bag is Back

You know from the title.... Yes, my bag is back :D

This morning i went to the Koban to meet the policeman, who did call me. He is 60th years old man, who will start his pension life next month. His face looks like one of Japanese Actor, but i can't remember who is he. Really a nice person.

Well, i had wrong impression about him before. Actually i can imagine how he looks like from his voice and i knew that the thief is more more younger than him, so he should be the real police :D But still... i always feel anxious about everything since what happen last Sunday.

When i entered the Koban, i can see my bag on the desk. So i greeted him and say "WoW, you found my bag!!" - I know that my bag will never come back if it's happen in Indonesia. But when i see my bag, everything was there except my wallet, that's amazing :D Even my IC & another Teikiken are there too. If you live in Japan, you know that IC will become your second wallet. Because we use IC for train tickets and shopping too.

He told me that someone found it on the street somewhere around there. I didn't ask for detail because i know he won't answer me too :) But we talked about many things. And i feel lil bit guilty about everything i thought before we met. The policeman concerned about my busy time :P that's why he asked me about personal things. He said that he has a daughter who has same age with me. Maybe my case will be the last Case in his job, because next month he'll start his retirement day. So i think he want to do his best for the last, right? :)

After gave lots of finger stamp, i got my bag with me. Then, I'm going back home under the rain & singing a long my way :P

I feel grateful now, especially for nice people around me. Though i can't speak Japanese well, they helped me so much. Maybe i should learn Japanese harder now, so i can express my feelings more in words :) Thank You Mr. Itabashi-san & for all the policeman that helped me~ *sorry for made you busy*


  1. selamat nge! pempeknya masih ada juga tuh? =p

    1. hahaha iya thanks, pempeknya sih udah lenyap :) Mungkin diberesin jg krn kan bakal basi tuh dah beberapa hari...


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