Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remember You Forever

Can i remember you forever?
because i have short term memory loss problem & i hope it won't be long term memory loss problem.
I remember your smile, my favourite smile.
I remember your story, about the shark in Boat dock near Grandma House when you were young.
I remember you had to leave your dream for not going to University.
I remember you didn't pass your fifth(or maybe 5th/8th??) grade because your "extraordinary" teacher only allowed 5child to pass on that semester.
I remember you always shy and didn't talk too much.
I remember you bought me the best bicycle i ever had.
I remember you always picked me up at school, friends house, airport, etc.
I remember you didn't get angry when we "obrak-abrik" your old valuable stamp collections.
I remember you made my "tongkat estafet" became the most colorful one than anyone had.
I remember your funny smiley face when telling us about (not Chinese) ghost story.
I remember Nutrisari & Kacang Cap sikat are our favorites.
I remember you did care about my hand problem though i can't remember where did i put Grandma's Silver Precious Coin that supposed to be inside my wristband.
I remember you did the same thing with my ankle problem.
I remember you never get sick until that time.

I remember you..................and i will always remember you even though i can't remember the details. Because without you, i can't be me and i won't be here now~


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