Friday, August 20, 2010

Sakura Hotel Tokyo Photo Contest 2010

Remember this? Sakura Hotel&Hostel has announced the winner of Tokyo Photo Contest live from Harajuku, today. They're also holding an expo to show all the pictures from this contest.
And too bad, i didn't win it.
But i'm not sad because my friend did it^^ & i'm happy for her. She became the first winner and got a voucher to stay in Fukushima for one night...

Please watch their video streaming recording (quite long, but this guy is so funny^^) :

And don't forget to join their fans page too~ Maybe you can be the next winner :)


  1. hebat euy ada 2 orang indo yang masih ke nominasi 8 besar yah :)

  2. iya... di 10 besar itu gw ama temen 2 trus yg 1 lagi ga kenal siapa...


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