Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yuna Ito - Truth

Yuna Ito - Truth

Let me stay with you
なぜこんなに 求めてしまうの
Don't you know my heart?

めぐり逢えた 奇跡を信じて
奏でてゆきたい あなたへのmelody
もしも全てを 失くしてしまっても
It's my truth

Believe in yourself
歩いてきた 涙をぬぐって
Open up your heart 思い出の先にきっと
明日という 希望があるから

Give me your loneliness
And I'll give you my tenderness
忘れないでいて あの日見た夢は
離れていても この胸にいつでも
感じている あなただけを
It's my truth

出会いと別れ 人は探すの
いつか結び会える 強い絆は

世界中の 悲しみも全て
受け止めてもいい あなたの為なら
世界中から 置き去りにされても
It's my truth


Let me stay with you even if it hurts both of us
Why must I always demand so much
Don’t you know my heart could never stay put
There’s simply only one love I want

Believing in miracles we can come across
I go on playing a melody for you
Even if I end up losing everything
This feeling is forever, It’s my truth

Believe in yourself even when you stumble
Wipe your tears as you walk on
Open up your heart beyond the memories, surely
There is a hope we call tomorrow

Give me your loneliness
and I’ll give you my tenderness
Don’t forget the dream we saw that day
Even if we’re separated, in this heart
I will feel you forever, It’s my truth

Your whisper reaches the scattered stars
Illuminating my confused heart
In every encounter and farewell, what people search for is
This strong bond that will unite them someday

All the sadness throughout the world
If it’s for you, I can take it all in
Even if the whole world deserts me
I believe in those eyes, It’s my truth

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  1. Saya suka lagu ini... sampe beli cdnya dulu XD Tp akhir2 ini kalo mellow aku suka dengerin Moon Crying-nya Koda Kumi *lirik seseorang* tau lagunya?

  2. Hahaha...
    Org jpn jarang yg punya suara bener2x bagus, makanya salut ama si Yuna Ito^^
    Koda Kumi jg Mayan...cuma aku malah ngga tau lagu2nya cm tau 1 doang....
    Maklum sejak disini jarang update lagu...


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