Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tokyo Metro Subway

Yesterday, me & my friend El spent our day to traveled around some new place that we never went before. First, we bought One day Open Ticket which can be bought at Ticket vending Machine. It's quite cheap, 710¥-adult price(unlimited ride for all Tokyo Metro Subway Line) or 1000¥-adult price(unlimited ride for all Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway Line). And both of we chose the 1000¥ ticket, forethought that we need a quick shortcut to another station. In our experienced when only using the Tokyo Metro pass, sometimes we had to take a long train journey to go from one station to another station which is actually near, since they don't have any line directly to cross it so we have to take detour. And now fore saving more time we chose Tokyo Metro & Toei Line Subway Pass. For another information about this 1 day open Ticket you can check it at here.

Actually subway is one of my favorite Public Transportation, because you can go anywhere you want(around Tokyo) with so many lines they have(route map), The cheapest one for long destination and Subway's Air Conditioner system is always the best in this this summer time. But, when using subway, i really don't like when i have to going upstairs(the deeper the station, more and more stairs you have to passes by). But anyway you can use Elevator or Escalator.

Okay, that's all about The One day Open Ticket and what i like from The Subway in JPN. Next is about manner in the train(Japanese seems like always think about manner, everywhere anywhere). And these are some Manner Poster at Tokyo Metro Subway. Really like it, since so many people nevermore care about the train manner and do what they want to do and 他の人に迷惑をかける(annoyed to another people). The new poster will be released every month and until now there is two kind of Poster, the first one is 家でやろう(ie de yarou-Please do it at home!) and the second one is 海でやろう(umi de yarou - Please do it at beach!)

1. April – Sleeping in the Train
I think all Japanese like to sleep in the train, even me LOL. I think it’s OK to sleep in the train when you get tired after overtime work or in the morning when you have to go early as long as You are not snoring or screaming because of bad dream.
2. May – Doing Make Up
In the rush, some of Japanese girl like to do it in the train. I never do it, but I think it’s okay isn’t it?
3. June – Talking at Mobile Phone
I do it sometimes, if there is an urgent call or things to informing. But I think, what is the different with talk with your friend in the train? Does it mean like talking in the train is really prohibited?
4. July – Listening The Music To Loud
Sometimes they don’t realize that the sound from earphone that is used to hear the mp3 is getting to loud, and even people around you can hear what you are listening to. So please be careful.
5. August – Swimming in the Train
This is my favorite ones, some people like to do it in the rush hour. So interesting for looking that someone is trying so hard to get in, even they have to lose their shoes or bag (sometimes it’s happened too).
6. September – Camping in the train

7. October
– Doing Golf at the station
Becareful with your umbrella coz it can hurt somebody.

8. November
– Train is not a Bar
Maybe train is not a right choice place to held a party.

This is link for another manners.


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