Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fuji Safari Park, 2008 June 28

Last weekend me and some friends went to Fuji Safari Park which is Located in Fuji Mt. area. It was took 2hour driving from Machida. I really like the atmosphere of the forest, coz everything is look so colorfull with fresh air everywhere(except when You were near the Lion). We arrived in 11AM and take our lunch, 弁当(bento-Lunch Box) that Anas made for us(Oishii Indonesian Food, but i forgot to take the picture).

After that we plan to take Jungle Bus altough we came by own car. If we take Jungle Bus to see the wild animal, it will cost extra payment but we can feed fierce animal from close (animal food was included), but don't even try to touch them since they all know if the bus come 'it's time to work!!! and eat everything from the passenger'. The Jungle trip take 1hour but we have to waiting for the Jungle Bus until 2.30PM, coz this ride is very popular. So while waiting for the bus, we went to ふりあいゾーン (furiaizon-cantact zone)around. Nice place to go on summer(even i don't know what will happen to the tiger in Winter, coz it supposed to be in Tropical area isn't it?)

This is some detail about Fuji Safari Park :
2255-27 Suyama,Susono City
Admission fee
adult 2,700( from 4 years old)
to junior-high school student 1,500
Group discount from 15 people.
Jungle Bus fee : 1200
イヌ館 : 500
猫館 : 500
Walking Safari : 300
(Night Safari has diffrent price!)
Closing Days
Open all year
Opening Hours
9:00 - 17:00 (Mar 16 - Sep 30)
9:00 - 16:30 (Oct 1 - 31)
10:00 - 15:30 (Nov 1 - Mar 15)
Ordinary Cars :1400car (free of charge)
Tomei Expressway Susono I.C;
car 15 min. (10km)
Guide staff availability
Guide staff availability


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